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Hidja at Autosport International 2007

Aston Martin Rally GT with RallyComp 300
Historical Ford Escort with RallyComp


Nicky Grist chooses Hidja RallyComp...

After years of competing at the top of the World Rally Championship I decided to set up a company selling quality rally products.

After closely looking at and then using Hidja tripmeters I knew that the product was excellent and something that my business had to carry. The Hidja range has something for everyone in terms of costs and also the functions that they require from the product.

From the start of the range Rallycomp 100 to the function packed Rallycomp 300 there is something to keep even the keenest rally co-driver happy. They are also the easiest tripmeters to use with the help of the interactive LED screen. Buy a Hidja product and you will not be let down!

/- Nicky Grist


Porsche GT3 RALLY ORECA and HIDJA victory in France

The 29th edition of Lyon-Charbonnieres rally, the first race of French asphalt rally championship, was a success for Nicolas Bernardi and the Porsche GT3 RALLY ORECA and HIDJA.

The Porsche won the Gr.N category and finish 7th on general result, just after the WRC and S1600! The Porsche GT3 RALLY ORECA have choosen HIDJA RallyComp 300.

Nicolas Bernardi lead perfectly his car, it was his first rear wheel drive rally car, after only 1 shakedown of 80 kms before the race. The main goal was to finish the race without take risks, at the better place possible, and continuing to develop the car. And it was a success.
The last gift of this fantastic week-end was the 4th and 3rd "scratch" time in the 2 last specials stages.

This first race was a test for ORECA and it permitted to show the perfect reliability and performance of the Porsche with Oreca's rally kit.
Race Sum-up:
741.31Kms with 209.01Kms of Specials Stages
13 specials stages on 8 different stages
145 competitors and 95 on finish
Nice weather, dry road.

Final Result:
1°) Vouilloz Nicolas - Klinger Nicolas: PEUGEOT 307 WRC / 1:48:12:6
2°) Henry Patrick - Lombard Magali: PEUGEOT 206 WRC / +0:37:9
3°) Salanon David - Combronde Corinne: PEUGEOT 206 WRC / +3:47:7
4°) Rouillard Patrick - Zazurca Guylhem: TOYOTA CELICA GT4 / +4:25:6
5°) Robert Cédric - Bedon Gérald: RENAULT CLIO S1600 / +5:05:9
6°) Bonato Yoann - Boulloud Benjamin: RENAULT CLIO S1600 / +5:53:6
7°) Bernardi J-Marc - Fortin J-Marc: PORSCHE GT3 / +7:24:2
8°) Maraval Jacques - Foissey Stéphanie: PEUGEOT 306 MAXI / +7 :32 :2
9°) Enjolras Pascal - Vitrani Olivier : PEUGEOT 206 GT / +7 :38 :3
10°) Pezzutti Yves - Gonnet Michel : PEUGEOT 306 MAXI / +8 :26 :3
17°) Sarrazin Stéphane : ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE V8

CB.PHOTOS Tel : 0033 426 656 726


Team Patrik Sandell has chosen the RallyComp 300!

Patrik Sandell and Emil Axelsson has chosen RallyComp 300 for their participation in the JWRC. The tripmeter is mounted in the teams Renault Clio Super 1600. The first contest will be the Swedish Rally and we wish them the best of luck!


Team Oscar racing has chosen the RallyComp 300!

During the weekend a motorsport fair was held in Älvsjö, Stockholm, at which it was announced that Subaru Dealer team Sweden will make the largest investment ever in rally. Team Oscar racing, Oscar Svedlund and Björn Nilsson, will be driving a Subaru Impreza in 2006 in a number of both national and international competitions. HIDJA are very pleased that the team believes in our products and have chosen to use a RallyComp 300. Pictures of the car and the mounting of the trip meter are from the motorsport fair 2005.  


Team Mats Jonsson chooses RallyComp 300

Team Mats Jonsson have in 2005 been testing the RallyComp 300 during competitions in Sweden.
Mats Jonsson and Johnny Johansson:

"It's fun with development in rally and after trying out the new trip meter RallyComp 300, we have decided to use it."

HIDJA think it is great that the team were very interested from the start and now have decided to replace their current trip meter with a RallyComp 300.

Home page:


SLC finals in Mantorp

The finals in SLC took place at Mantorp 14-15 October. The weather was good with lots of sun and not too cold outside. X-racing who have a RallyComp 300 installed in their Porsche 944 with start number 944 had problems with an oil leakage after the first half of the race, but managed to fix the leak. After that the car ran until eight o'clock in the evening when a suspender broke. At first, the driver thought it was a flat tyre, but when the car entered the pit for a checkup a wheel came off when the car was lift up. The car was not reparable at the time and still came in on 19th place out of 39 cars. Right now the team are preparing for 2006, more info will follow...


New product!

HIDJA are happy to present you with the RoadComp 300 which is a new product in the -Comp series. RoadComp 300 is an instrument mainly designed for working with road and traffic measurments. RoadComp simplifies the work for the user and offers a reliable tool for the future at a competitive price. Customers have already installed and started to use the RoadComp and are very pleased.



Mats and Johnny - Champions once again!

We would like to congratulate Mats Jonsson and Johnny Johansson who became Swedish rally champions in 2005. This is far from a new experience for this team but even so they were very happy for the result when we approached them with our congratulations. They didn't only win the Swedish rally championship, they also won the Supercup which were a fact even before the last race was held. In the team's Ford Escort WRC a RallyComp 300 has now been installed which has been heavy-duty tested during the last races to ensure the function during competition.

Visit the team's own home page :


Tommi Mäkinen Racing tests RallyComp 300.

The multiple rally champion Tommi Mäkinen, is the manager of Tommi Mäkinen Racing (TMR). TMR is based in Finland and produces rally cars and is also a seller of rally products. We are very happy to announce that TMR has showed a big interest in RallyComp 300 based on their expertice due to many years in the rally business. TMR, together with professional co-drivers have since a couple of months evaluated the instrument in their cars and are very pleased with the results.

Home page :


Experiment boat makes use of BoatComp 100

Fritiof Huldén is the innovator and designer of an important boat project. Fritiof says he got hold of a couple of used turbine engines, that were being sold by the swedish defence, for a good price. A boat of the model SeaRay was purchased and the original engine (a 5 litre V8) was removed, to be replaced by a turbine engine. The new engine required a substantial amount of work to be made like moving the fuel tank, adaptation for air intake and a lot of new electrical and pipe design. The engine is originally from a helicopter and outputs 500 HP. It is the same amount of power as the original boat engine, but the turbine weighs 100 kg less. The drawback of the turbine engine is that it requires a lot of fuel. Diesel is used today, but it can be used with other fuel and Fritiof is aiming for Ethanol to make the most fish friendly boat in lake Vänern.

To keep track of the amount of fuel used and the fuel flow, Fritiof contacted HIDJA AB. Today a BoatComp 100 is mounted in the boat to measure the flow. Without tuning the measured value is around 150 litres/hour, when in idle mode. Now awaits tuning of the engine and gears and this is made easier by the BoatComp 100.


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