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RoadComp 300 Friction


RoadComp 300 Friction is a brand new tripmeter intended for roadsurvey and especially friction testing of roads. RoadComp is a mix of new technology and long experience. The result makes this possibly the best tripmeter available.
The meter has a lot of possibilities and can be adjusted by the user. The display has a ”soft” amber coloured backlight and measures 103x30mm. The LCD-display is transreflective which means that it will be easy to read at all lighting conditions.
RoadComp has been developed in cooperation with experienced users in order to meet the demands in a tough environment. Despite that RoadComp contains several functions, you will find it easy to use. Configurations as for example calibration can be done fast and easy.

  • Friction, Trip 1, Trip 2, Trip 3, Odometer.
  • Clock, Trip Time, Max/Current Speed, Avg Speed, Speed limit
  • Temperature (Optional)
  • Pilot, ETA-dist, ETA-time , + / - counterdirection, 2 favorites
  • 3 window display, textnavigator in the menu.
  • Inverting and steepless configuration of backlight.
  • High quality , developed and manufactured in Karlstad Sweden.
  Weight: 370 gram
  Width: 150 mm
  Height: 75 mm
  Depth: 30 mm
  Material: Black eloxal aluminium
  Misc: CE-approval

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