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Product overview - Accessories

Accessories: (Also see Motorsport / Road Survey)

Mounting Angle
Gives you the possibility to install your RallyComp with its back facing the dash board or also with the front showing. Can be attached to the gable of the meter. Black eloxal aluminium.
Art. no: 48100032
Mounting brackets
The bracket can be attached to any of the mounting holes and then attached to the side of the meter. The meter can easiest be attached to a pipe or a panel.
Art. no: 48100033

Carbon fibre device
Carbon fibre device for door attachment. Originally made for Subaru Impreza. The meter is installed in the device where only the front will be visible. Gives you a very nice looking and stable attachment device that can be placed near the co-driver.
Art. no: 31030002
Inductive wheel sensor
Sensor that picks up speed signals from a wheel or a drive shaft.
Art. no: 46530000
Switch that can be installed as a foot switch and for instance activate the split function in the meter.
Art. no: 42600014
Cable RallyComp 200/300
Cable that is suited for the RallyComp 200 and 300 with a length of 2 meters.
Art. no: 43200200
User Manual RallyComp 300 English
Art. no: 71000011

RallyComp 200 English
Art. no: 71000013

RallyComp 100 English
Art. no:71000014

RallyComp 100 Fuel English
Art. no:71000016

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