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20 years with Hidja.

Hidja started as a company back in 1989. For some years the company name was KGA Elektronik AB. The business at that time was to work as an subcontractor in the field of electronic production for the high quality civilian industry. Before that it was a part of Bofors Missiles electronic production.

Under the coming years KGA produced for many companies and had production agreement with companies like Ericsson and Atlas Copco even if the company still was a rather small company with around 20 employees. Since KGA worked with high level electronic in both hardware and software the company had found it could be successful.

Around 1999 the owner of the company was moving on in a new direction and they was looking for a new owner to Hidja. It ended up with that Hans Andersson bought the company in year 2000. Already at this time the markets for electronic subcontracting in Sweden started to be weaker and the company took a decision to develop some own products.

Around year 2003 the company started to look for some new premises and had at this time for long time produced Coralba trip meters and speed meters for other customer. Since Coralba was in the situation to be sold Hidja took the decision to develop a new more modern range of trip meters.

Both the question about new premises and the available market of suitable design persons the company move to Karlstad, Sweden in 2004, Karlstad has a university and had better premises to offer. Main production at this time was electronics for underground mining equipment for Atlas Copco and the new Hidja trip meter .

From 2008 Hidja works mainly with its own products, Hidja RallyComp and RoadComp trip meters, DrySwitch energy saver and some sub-production for other companies. Hidja sell the trip meters around the world and DrySwitch in Sweden.

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