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RallyComp 100 is the smallest model in the RallyComp family. It is constructed according to the same standard and offers the same high quality and reliability as the other members in the family.

RallyComp 100 has one display with one window which can show one function at the time. The colour of the display is white, other than that it is designed according to the same standard as RallyComp 300. The meter also has two external functions that makes it possible to reset the trip register or activate the split function.

  • English language
  • Km/h / mph
  • Positive / negative counting direction
  • Stop
  • Split
  • Set
  • Reset
  • Clear
  • Contrast setting
  • Backlight setting
Menus and functions

Two trip meters that can be reset or set to a predefined value separately.

Function that measures total distance travelled.

SS time

Current speed
Average speed
  Power: 12V DC (~100mA or ~20 mA in power save mode)
  Weight: 220 g
  Length: 100 mm
  Width: 75 mm
  Depth: 30 mm
  Material: Black eloxal aluminium

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