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The RallyComp 300 is the top model of the RallyComp instruments with a lot of possibilities

  • LCD-display
  • English display language
  • Display with one main window and one side window
  • Km/h / mph
  • Two Favorites set ups in display
  • Stop
  • Split
  • Set
  • Reset
  • Clear
  • Copy to side windows
  • Contrast setting
  • backlight setting
  • Inverting of display
  • LCD-display and buttons with amber backlight
  • External Reset possibility (remote)
  • External Stop/Split possibility (remote)
  • Automatic reverse driving reduction of trip registers
  • Developed and produced in Sweden
Menus and functions
Three trip registers that can be separately reset or set or a predefined value.
There is an odometer function that measures total distance travelled.
Time / Clock
Stop watch with stop and split functions
Automatic start of SS-timer
Estimated time of arrival
Current speed
Average speed
Speed pilot
Max speed, with free spinning wheel correction
Speed limit warning setting
Amount of fuel
Technical data
  Power: 12V DC (~100mA or ~20 mA in power save mode)
  Weight: 370 g
  Length: 150 mm
  Width: 75 mm
  Depth: 30 mm
  Material: Black eloxal aluminium

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