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The RallyComp 300R is a version of the top model RallyComp300.

The RallyComp 300R has the same functions as RallyComp300 plus special buttons and extra connection on the back-side for the Hidja RemoteBox. RallyComp 300R together with the RemoteBox gives the co-driver the benefit of two sets of buttons to full manuvere the trip meter even if it is mounted so it is hard to reach the instrument. The RallyComp 300R can be used without the RemoteBox.

The RemoteBox is simply an extra box with buttons to manuvere the trip meter. The buttons on the RemoteBox and the instrument can be used in parallel.

  • LCD-display
  • English display language
  • Display with one main window and one side window
  • Km/h / mph
  • Two Favorites set ups in display
  • Stop
  • Split
  • Set
  • Reset
  • Clear
  • Copy to side windows
  • Contrast setting
  • backlight setting
  • Inverting of display
  • LCD-display and buttons with amber backlight
  • External Reset possibility (remote)
  • External Stop/Split possibility (remote)
  • Automatic reverse driving reduction of trip registers
  • Developed and produced in Sweden
Menus and functions
Three trip registers that can be separately reset or set or a predefined value.
There is an odometer function that measures total distance travelled.
Time / Clock
Stop watch with stop and split functions
Automatic start of SS-timer
Estimated time of arrival
Current speed
Average speed
Speed pilot
Max speed, with free spinning wheel correction
Speed limit warning setting
Amount of fuel
Technical data
  Power: 12V DC (~100mA or ~20 mA in power save mode)
  Weight: 370 g
  Length: 150 mm
  Width: 75 mm
  Depth: 30 mm
  Material: Black eloxal aluminium

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