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Mounting Angle
For the instrument gabel. For front or backside mounting of instrument.
Art. no: 48100032
Mounting brackets
The bracket can be attached to any of the mounting holes and then attached to the side of the meter. The meter can easiest be attached to a pipe or a panel.
Art. no: 48100033

Inductive wheel sensor
Sensor that picks up speed signals from a wheel or a drive shaft.
Art. no: 46530000
Ball joint

Art. no: 9999
Glicth free switch that can be installed as a foot switch and for instance activate the split function in the meter.
Art. no: 42600014
Cable RallyComp 200/300
Cable that is suited for the RallyComp 200 and 300 with a length of 2 meters.
Art. no: 43200200

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